Changes to the GADS Data Reporting Instructions for 2018

GADS Cause Code Changes for 2018

Appendix B5 – Hydro Cause Codes


3980 Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)

3981 PLC – data highway

3982 PLC – hardware problems (including card failure)

3983 PLC – internal and termination wiring

3984 PLC – logic problems

3985 PLC – upgrades

3989 Other PLC problems

7070 Speed Increaser

9345 text changed to “Pumping Operation” from “Pumped Storage Operation”

Appendix B4 – Diesel Cause Codes


Continued Emissions Monitoring Systems (CEMS)

8700 CEMS Certification and Recertification

8710 SO2 analyzer problems

8720 NOx analyzer problems

8730 CO analyzer problems

8740 CO2 analyzer problems

8750 O2 analyzer problems

8760 Opacity monitor problems

Appendix B6 – Gas Turbine Cause Codes


8710 SO2 analyzer problems

Appendix B7 – Jet Engine Cause Codes


8710 SO2 analyzer problems

Appendix B8 – Combined Cycle CoGeneration Cause Codes

Updated header/Component to 8265 and 8275 from “Miscellaneous (Pollution Control Equipment)” to “Wet Scrubbers”