GADS Open Source Support Plans

It's a common misconception that open source software means it's unsupported, that if you want to have support you have to buy commercial software. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The reality is that open source software is written by professional coders, is fully production quality and support is available. The major difference between commercial software and open source software is this:

  • With commercial software, you pay for the use of the software and you also have to pay for support. Usually, you have to pay for the software itself on an annual basis or pay for every upgrade. And even paying for software fees and support won't get you access to the source code.
  • With open source software, you get the software for free, including access to the source code. And many open source companies like the GADS Open Source Project offer paid support for their products.

Business Edition is provided to all users at no cost. The Plan allows response times for support of up to 2 business days. Email support is available to users covered by Business Edition plans.

Enterprise Edition provides faster response times for support: 2 business hours for critical issues to 1 business day for minor issues. Technical phone support ** as well as email support is available to users covered by Enterprise Edition plans.

The Support Level Target Response Times listed in the matrix below apply during normal GADS Open Source Project Business Hours.

Pre-paid support prices start from $152 (USD) for 4 support units (15 minutes per unit), which is well within reach of many single-plant sites, and $1,420 for a 10 Hour Block (40 support units = 10 hours at 15 minutes per unit) for small- and medium-sized generating companies.

While $6,600 for a 50 Hour Block (200 support units = 50 hours at 15 minutes per unit) may be more suited for larger generating companies, depending upon your needs this may be more cost-effective for any sized company.

You pay only for what you need. And you are only charged for the support units actually used ... the rest are banked until needed.

If any issues are the result of software bugs/errors, you will NOT charged for any support units.

GADS Open Source Business Edition Enterprise Edition
Downloadable software, software updates, bug fixes, and source code Download direct from website - no cost Download direct from website - no cost
Installation & Setup via email and phone via email and phone
Priority issue response with expert diagnosis via email via email and phone
GADS advice & support (non-software related) via email via email and phone
Support Level Target Response Times * Up to 2 business days Critical - Up to 2 business hours
Severe - Up to 4 business hours
Minor - Up to 1 business day
Support for older versions (including GADS NxL) Older version support not available via email and phone
Support fee No Cost Select Support Plan Option below:

Select currency if not U.S.

You must select a Support Plan Option
before Buy Now is enabled.

* If you want more than 1 hour, you will be able to select a "quantity" during the purchase.

* Critical: Any issue classified as a customer "Work Stoppage". Severe: Any issue that can be temporarily resolved with a proposed workaround solution. Minor: Any issue where the software is operating in substantial conformance with the published documentation with limited or reduced functionality.

** Telephone support available Mon-Fri, 9:00 AM and 6:00 PM Central Time (Dallas, Texas, USA - standard time UTC/GMT -6 hours), excl. U.S. holidays. International phone support will be provided consistent with client's normal local business hours with advance arrangements.

Disputes. Any action based on this Agreement, including disagreement, disputes regarding the terms and conditions, alleged breaches of contract, and remedies under contract, shall be governed by the laws of the State of Texas and shall be adjudicated exclusively by a court of competent jurisdiction in Frisco, Texas. CLIENT expressly agrees that it is subject to personal jurisdiction in Texas.