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Remote support for installation and troubleshooting on your computer.

With more than 100,000,000 users in countries all over the world, we chose TeamViewer as our remote support toolset. TeamViewer is one of the fastest growing solutions for remote control and remote presentation.

If you permit us, we can remotely connect to your computers to assist with software installation and to troubleshoot any GADS Open Source software issues. Therefore, we can give you the highest quality support in a minimal amount of time.

If you are not already a TeamViewer user, you can simply download TeamViewer QuickSupport by clicking on the link below.

Download link:   
  • When asked "Do you want to run or save this file?", press Run
  • When prompted “Do you want to run this software?”, press Run

TeamViewer QuickSupport is not installed on your machine and can be executed even without Windows administrator rights.

Establishing a connection

You will simply provide us the TeamViewer ID (see image on right) and password to establish the connection.

Our connections utilize completely secured data channels featuring 1024-bit RSA key exchange and 256-bit AES session encoding.

With every start of TeamViewer, a new dynamic session password is being generated which prevents any permanent access to your machine.

To prevent any further remote access, simply press Cancel or close TeamViewer. There is nothing to uninstall.
   TeamViewer QuickSupport

Fantastic speed and security coupled with absolute availability means we can provide you great hands-on support!


TeamViewer Support allows us to offer you the best possible quality – namely online banking quality. RSA Public/Private Key Exchange and AES-256 Session Encoding ensure that absolutely no one can view our support session data.


The Federal Association of IT Experts and Consultants (BISG, registered society) awarded TeamViewer the maximum point score. Besides that, all TeamViewer downloads are signed with Code Signing by VeriSign. This guarantees that they are genuine and protects against virus infections, for example.

For more information on the tools we chose to support you, please go to the TeamViewer Inc. site: