Assignment Agreement for the GADS Open Source Project

The GADS Open Source software copyright is held by the Outercurve Foundation alone. The single copyright holder provides a number of legal advantages for the project. To maintain the single copyright holder over the project, all contributors must sign an assignment agreement with the Outercurve Foundation. Fortunately the assignment process is very easy. Just follow these four steps:

  1. Join the mailing list and send an email declaring your interest to contribute to the GADS Open Source software.

  2. The Benevolent Dictator will put you in contact with the appropriate people at the Outercurve Foundation.

  3. The Outercurve Foundation will provide an electronic document that you (and possibly your employer) need to sign.

  4. You (and, if necessary, a representative from your employer) electronically sign the document.

While this process is underway you can participate in design discussions and actually write code. However, your code cannot be merged into the GADS Open Source software until the assignment agreement is in place.