What happens when a software system gets discontinued?

by ronfluegge 1. June 2019 18:45

If your GADS software system is being discontinued, you may be wondering what will happen. When software is discontinued, your software will no longer be updated and at some point, customer support will end. You won’t be able to take advantage of new technology, and you may have problems if you upgrade your computer’s operating system.

Further, if you have any technical support issues with your software, there will be no one available to help you from the software provider, although third party help may be available. This could prove to be disastrous; you could come in one day and discover that you can’t access your data at all. Though some problems might be ultimately resolved, you may experience significant downtime.

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Have You Been Left Behind By Discontinued or No Longer Supported GADS Software? There Is A Solution

by ronfluegge 9. May 2019 09:08

Have you ever had a software program you use to report NERC GADS data be discontinued?

If you have, then you know that when software is being discontinued, users should act quickly to transition to a comparable program if they want to ensure that they don’t experience any interruption of service, critical system issues or loss of the data they manage with the current program.

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Web-based HTML Applications

by ronfluegge 20. March 2014 15:19


We used to have a web-based ASP.NET version of the software that used HTML pages, but abandoned it in favor of our current Windows-based and WPF/XBAP versions.

The bold promise of "write once, run anywhere" has been around for as long as I can remember. We've tried to skin this cat many ways over the years. When Windows 8 was coming into shape a few years back, Microsoft made it clear that its strategy for this bold promise was HTML5. Many other software vendors jumped on the HTML5 bandwagon, too. As far as HTML5 is concerned, we aren't a whole lot closer to "write once, run anywhere."

In fact, it's more like, write it once the really hard way with client side code, tweak the heck out of it to render consistently for three major browsers, and then run it anywhere -- as long as it's in the three major browsers, and you are okay with it running really slowly because it's running in the browser.

With our XBAP versions you run the software inside a browser, but it is not HTML.  As a result, you have a faster, better tool to use.

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