Error says "Loading?"

by ronfluegge 22. February 2012 16:11

If you sent your January-December 2011 GADS data to NERC, Mike Curley might send you an Error Log for your units where the Error says "Loading?". 

It is indicating that the “Typical Unit Loading Characteristics” data field is missing.

For 2012, this performance data field is voluntary, but for 2011 NERC is expecting this field to be provided even though NERC has never, to the best of our knowledge, used the Typical Unit Loading Characteristics data for anything even though you submit it.

To provide the necessary data for 2011, simply check the “Write ALL Data Including Voluntary to NERC” box shown on the two other attachments, recreate the GADS 05/07 files, and resend to NERC.

Starting in 2012 you have the option to send to NERC the full data set or just the mandatory data by respectively checking or not checking that box. 

Once you have either checked it or unchecked it, the software saves your “last” setting so that it will have the same setting the next time you run the software.

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