GADS Working Group Conference Call Notes - September 30 - October 1, 2015

by ronfluegge 1. October 2015 19:42

The NERC GADS Working Group met on September 30 - October 1, 2015 at NERC in Atlanta and via a Conference Call

Agenda Items
Day 1:
• GADSWG roster updated - Margaret
• Wind DRI – feedback from the PC - Gary
• pc-GAR status on future plans – Lee
   pc-GAR allows users to create peer groups that are more in line with their units.
• Input for the 2016 work plan:
   Analysis of GADS Data, Sinnott Murphy, Carnegie Mellon University
      Study the distribution of unavailable capacity due to unplanned events
      “What is the 99th percentile of unplanned unavailable capacity?”
      Generate data to feed into NERC probabilistic analyses
      Programmatic approach that will support repeated analyses in the future
   FOR, EFOR & EFORd – discussion and presentation – Jack Norris
   Regional coordinator workshop – Brad
      Leeth offering to present on data quality at workshop
   Data quality – Leeth
      From data Lee provided
Day 2:
• Review 2016 work plan priorities:
      Key focus areas for training
         Impact of poor data quality
            Examples from Southern Company – Leeth
      Developing the training plan
   Develop a basic guide for data entry
   Maintain /refresh the NERC FAQ page
   Chapter for the State of Reliability Report (SoRR)
• In-person meetings:
   Two in 2016, location in Atlanta?
   Combine an in-person meeting with the OATI Energy Conference in the fall. Offer training in GADS at the conference?
• Technical sub team report out
   Data Reporting Instructions (DRI) updates
   Examples of poor data quality – Leeth
   Alignment of DRI / OATI – Lee
   Cause codes
      Cause code location for IGCC
      Ed’s email re: CCs and GTs
• Vice-chair appointment
• Future scope of GADSWG
   Roundtable: How should the GADSWG evolve as an organization? For reference, the original scope of the organization can be found here.
   Membership structure

For detailed call notes, click on link below:

GADSWG Meeting Conference Call Notes - September 30 - October 1, 2015

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