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Most people will want to use a current production release. Best of all, GADS Open Source™ can be downloaded and used entirely free of any license or maintenance fees.

Software Discontinuation Notice

Thank you for using our GADS software as your tool to collect, report and analyze GADS data.

After 35+ years of helping people use and report GADS data, the GADS Open Source software will be officially retired and support for the software will be discontinued on December 31, 2025.

By providing early notification of the discontinuance, you should have ample time to transition to alternative GADS software.

As the Manager of the Availability Support group for Texas Utilities, my first experience with collecting GADS data in 1986 was using 80-column paper FORTRAN coding forms and punched cards while sending NERC our GADS files on magnetic tape. In the 1980s, I took advantage of the new IBM PC/XT, the CA Clipper programming language, and dBASE III to create the original MicroGADS to run under MS-DOS. The software went through many iterations, product names, and owners over the years; finally, becoming GADS Open Source in 2011.

To work on a product with such broad impact with users around the world has been nothing but humbling; however, being in the power business for more than 50 years, it is time to retire and let others provide you with new software products.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause your facility. We appreciate your business and hope this notice provides you with adequate time to plan for an alternative software solution.

Current Production Release

GADS OS™ is the current base production installer release. All apps must be updated to the 24.x.x.x release.

Beginning with versions 21.10.x.x, the GADS OS software will require .NET Framework 4.8 (2019-04-18) or higher.

GADS/OS software allows you to collect, analyze and report GADS data for conventional generating (fossil, nuclear, hydro/pumped storage, combined cycle, etc.) and for solar and wind turbine generating units.

The GADS/OS Conventional Generation software handles these ten types of conventional generating units:

  • Fossil steam including fluidized bed design
  • Nuclear
  • Gas turbines/jet engines (simple cycle and other modes)
  • Internal combustion engines (diesel engines)
  • Hydro units/pumped storage
  • Combined cycle blocks and their related components (gas turbines and steam turbines)
  • Cogeneration blocks and their related components (gas turbines and steam turbines)
  • Multi‐boiler/multi‐turbine units
  • Geothermal units
  • Other miscellaneous conventional generating units (such as variable fuel – biomass, landfill gases, etc) used to generate electric power for the grid and similar in design and operation as the units shown above and as defined by the GADS Data Reporting Instructions

The GADS/OS Variable Energy Resource (VER) Wind™ and GADS/OS Solar™ software applications allow you to collect and report validated data as specified in the NERC GADS Wind Turbine Generation ‐ Data Reporting Instructions Version 4.2 (Revision: 9/14/2023 - Effective: January 1, 2024) and in the NERC GADS Solar Generation ‐ Data Reporting Instructions Version 1.2 (Revision: 9/14/2023 - Effective: January 1, 2024).

The new 2024 versions of GADS/OS Wind™ and Solar™ bring the industry-leading performance and security of GADS reporting to all Generator Operators. Feedback on adding a list of standard reports is underway to provide a better understanding of the solar plant performance. Currently, calculated hours, factors and rates are exported to Excel only while allowing custom reports.

GADS/OS COC The Contributing Operating Condition (COC) is a new data field and requirement for 2024 from NERC.
The ISOs have apparently included it in their upload requirements as well.
Download and install the GADS OS 2024 update below.
COC is a new item on the DE event edit screen below the Cause Code Amplification Code selector.

To download or update to the current version, scroll to bottom of this page.

Installation instructions are found on the Installation page linked to from the Documentation for the particular release.

New NERC GADS cause codes for 2024 - Conventional Generation
You can download the new cause codes and update your database using one of the 3 methods below:
1. Online Installer to install "8. Use the Cause Code Updater to update the Cause Codes and Amp Codes tables"
2. Individual modules to download "8. Cause Code Updater".
3. Download the CauseCodesen-US.mdb file and copy it to: C:\GADSOSCCUpdater
After completing one of the three steps above, run the "GADS OS Cause Code Updater".
IMPORTANT: using Windows Explorer browse to the location the downloaded file was saved to, right-click on the file, bring up its properties, and "Unblock" the file ... then press "Apply".
NOTE: using method “3. Download” above, you can simply download the CauseCodesen-US.mdb file (it’s in

Copy or download the mdb file into the GADSOSCCUpdater folder and then run the Cause Code Updater application …
no software installation required.
IMPORTANT: using Windows Explorer browse to the location the downloaded ZIP file was saved to, right-click on the file, bring up its properties, and "Unblock" the file ... then press "Apply". Then you can unzip the mdb file.

Except for bug fixes, the next major release is currently scheduled to follow the NERC updates in December 2024.

 Conventional Generation full install (Recommended)
released on January 1, 2024
If you are using SQL Server or Oracle, you may need to add a column to the EFORd table.
Ask your DBA to run the below script:
ADD [FOCount_OMC] [int] NULL;
Click Online Installer to install Full GADS OS Conventional Generation
Click Individual modules to download individual GADS OS Conventional Generation modules.
Variable Energy Resource (VER) Wind And Solar Generation
release TBD
The new 2024 releases of GADS OS Wind and Solar software can only proceed once we receive the necessary official specifications from NERC.  After we receive these specifications, we will need time to implement and test the code changes prior to final release.  We apologize for the delay, but we cannot proceed without the required NERC GADS documents.

The GADS Open Source versions require the installation of .NET Framework 4.8 or higher.