ISO New England Upload

It is our understanding that the following rules apply for uploading:
  • Members are free to manipulate the current month’s event and performance data up to the 20th day of the following month. After that day, the system will not accept any insertion, deletion or modification to the data.
  • For performance data, the lockout criterion is determined by the Year and Month specified in each record. For example, March 2012 data is locked as of April 21st 2012.
  • For event data, the lock out criteria is determined by the year and month fields of the Event Start Date. This means members can only insert or update events that were started during the reporting month. The only exception allowed is to close an open event that started in an earlier month.
  • Following the NERC convention, each month’s submission may contain YTD data. However, previous month’s data may not be modified if the lock imposed by the administrator is in effect. The only exception is to close an on-going event that started in a previous month.
  • The ISO-NE GADS administrator has the ability to unlock the system for the members to perform update.

Specific instructions for uploading the single GADS data file created by the GADS Open Source software are shown below:

Go to the ISO New England PowerGADS website by clicking on the link.

Once you have logged into the website, access the GADS Data Import screen from the Operation Data Menu

Select the file format to be used, then click Import File.

Locate the file containing the data to be submitted (See details below).

05 and 07 records must be submitted within a single, combined file (unlike NERC OATI’s requirement).

Finally, click Import Card.

You will create the single, combined file using either the GADS Open Source Data Entry or Dashboard application using the ISO New England (ISO-NE) Format.

Unless you have changed the default location, these can be found in the same folder where the application is installed (typically C:\GADSOS).

Single, combined file: the file will be named Combined_ISONE_Data_*.txt.

It is important to remember that this is an “All or Nothing” import.

If you do not see the message "Data Imported Successfully", it means that none of the data was saved.

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