Download Install GADS Open Source Wind Turbine Generation

GADS/OS Wind GADS/OS Wind allows you to collect and report validated data as specified in the NERC GADS Wind Turbine Generation ‐ Data Reporting Instructions (DRI) Version 2.0 (Revision Date: 10/30/2017 - Effective Date: 01/01/2018).

The NERC DRI was developed to assist plant personnel in reporting information to NERC’s GADS Wind Reporting application. The instructions detail the procedures, schedule, and format to follow when reporting data. Our GADS/OS Wind software complies with the latest requirements.

In GADS/OS Wind, three types of data are reported in GADS:

  • Sub-Group Data – Initial and whenever there is a change.
  • Performance Data – At the Sub-Group Level
  • Component Data – Optional, at the Sub-Group Level

Press the applicable buttons in Steps 0 - 2 below to install
When asked to Run or Save, select Run.
If Windows security does not allow you to Run the installation files, Save them to your hard drive and Install the saved files.
IMPORTANT:  In Window 7 and above, using Windows Explorer browse to the location the downloaded file was saved to, right-click on the file, bring up its properties, and "Unblock" the file ... then press "Apply".
0. Prerequisites
  Install 64-bit OleDb Drivers Install 32-bit OleDb Drivers
The recommended standard installation is the 32/64-bit version (Steps 1 and 2 below) on the application server, shared drive, or user machine along with the appropriate 32- or 64-bit Prerequisites (Step 0 above) on the user's machine.
If you install on a machine with Windows 64-bit that has an installation of 32-bit Microsoft Office version 2013 or older, you may need to install the "32-bit Only" version below.
Beginning with versions 20.x.x.x, the GADS OS software will require .NET Framework 4.7.2 or higher. The release of .NET Framework 4.7.2 was announced on 30 April 2018. This version requires Windows 7 SP1 or later.
The "administrative" application installation (Step 1) defaults to a different folder to separate it from the Source Wind Turbine Generation “user” application. If updating from a prior working install, just copy the GADSNG.XML file from the GADSOSWind folder to the GADSOSAdmin folder.
1. For SQL Server and Oracle, you will first need to create the Wind database tables with the SQL scripts
  After creating the SQL Server or Oracle tables, install the Database Setup Console - this will allow you to connect with the database tables
  Install Database Setup Console 32/64-bit Install Database Setup Console 32-bit Only
2. Install the Wind Turbine Generation application unit
  Install Wind Turbine Generation 32/64-bit Install Wind Turbine Generation 32-bit Only

GADS/OS Wind The GADS/OS Wind User Manual (a PDF file) replaces the usual Help files. 

When selecting Help → User Guide in the GADS/OS Wind software, expand the Bookmarks in Adobe Reader as shown on the left:  click the Bookmarks button on the left-hand side of the Reader to open the Bookmarks panel.


GADS/OS Wind Each bookmark goes to a different view or page in the GADS/OS Wind User Manual and can be navigated just like a Help file.   For example, under Quick Start:

  • Add your Utility ID
  • Add your Plants
  • Add your Groups
  • Add your Sub-Groups
  • Subgroup Setup

Electronic versions of the manual and other documentation can be found on the Documents tab.