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Note: Links on this page are for downloading and/or installing individual modules online.

The "administrative" application installation (module 1) defaults to a different folder to separate it from the Wind Turbine Generation “user” application.

If you install on a machine with Windows 64-bit that has an installation of 32-bit Microsoft Office, you may need to install the "32-bit Only" version from the Online Installer

Beginning with versions 20.x.x.x, the GADS OS software will require .NET Framework 4.7.2 or higher. The release of .NET Framework 4.7.2 was announced on 30 April 2018. This version requires Windows 7 SP1 or later.

The executable Windows Installer (MSI) packages can be downloaded and saved to a harddrive OR used to directly deploy the modules on the end user’s machine or network server. The MSI packages can either be manually installed on the target computer, a virtual machine/desktop, or pushed to many client computers on the network by a network administrator.

IMPORTANT: In Window 7 and above, using Windows Explorer browse to the location the downloaded file was saved to, right-click on the file, bring up its properties, and "Unblock" the file ... then press "Apply".
For SQL Server and Oracle, you will first need to create the Wind database tables with the SQL scripts
After creating the SQL Server or Oracle tables, install the Database Setup Console - this will allow you to connect with the database tables
Title/Summary Version
1. Server/Database Setup Console 32/64-bit 20.01.01.xx
2. Wind Turbine Generation software 32/64-bit 20.01.01.xx

Support Modules Version
Microsoft Access Runtime 2013 32-bit Redistributable MS Framework 4.5.2
Microsoft Access Runtime 2013 64-bit Redistributable MS Framework 4.5.2

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