GADS 2021 Winter Event Reporting

Cause Coding During the Cold Weather Event

For events that occurred from February 8, 2021 through February 20, 2021 and that were a result of the cold weather event.

  • Create and code the event as is normally done.
    • Identify any equipment that failed using the Primary Cause Code.
    • If additional cause codes are necessary, include them as the secondary, tertiary, etc… causes.
  • Add an additional cause code, 9036 – Storms (Ice, snow, etc), after adding all Cause Codes that would normally be included.
  • Ensure that the Description of the event is filled out.
    • Describe what happened to cause the outage.
    • If possible, include information on whether or not the equipment was considered winterized at the time of the event.

Events which are not attributable to the cold weather event during this period should be reported as usual.

For more information: GADS 2021 Cold Weather Event Reporting 

How to do this in GADS/OS Data Entry

Select the event as shown below and press the NEW button under Add’l Work
GADS/OS Data Pipe
When the Edit window is displayed, select the appropriate Contribution Code (suggest “2 – Contributed to primary cause of event”), cause code 9036 – Storms (Ice, snow, etc), and enter requested Verbal Description. … then press the Save button
GADS/OS Data Pipe
When you upload GADS data to NERC for 2021, you will need to include ALL Data Including Voluntary by “checking” the box below:
GADS/OS Data Pipe