NYISO GADS Portal – The Basics

The purpose of the Portal is to provide a gateway through which all GADS data providers to the NYISO can easily upload and process their GADS data, required by the NYISO, on a monthly basis.

Please provide only Year‐to‐Date (YTD) GADS data files to the Portal. The portal will accept separate Performance and Event data files OR Combined data files (both Performance & Events data included).


  1. Select Upload & Process and Click Browse; select the files, one at a time, for uploading, e.g., browse and select a Performance file and an Event file separately. Please note: a maximum of twenty separate files (Performance, Event or Combined) can be selected for simultaneous uploading.
  2. Once the user has selected the file(s): Click Upload Files. The Portal will indicate if the file(s) were accepted, but the uploading process is not complete. The Portal will check all files that have been uploaded for proper GADS data formatting. For every uploaded file that passes the File Check; the user will receive the response: File Check Processing completed. No errors.
  3. If there are any errors; the user will receive the response: File Check Data rejected. This indicates there is a problem with the rejected file, e.g., not an ASCII text file, illegal characters, too many columns, tabs present, etc. ― Please inspect the rejected data files for formatting problems.


  1. After the File Check(s) have completed successfully, it’s time to Click Process Data (on the Upload & Process screen, not on the Edit Data screen). The Portal now begins the Data Check: all units (assigned to the user) are checked for consistency between the performance and event data and for any errors in general. When the Data Check has completed successfully; the user will receive the response: Data Check Processing completed. No errors.
  2. If there are any errors; the user will receive the response: Data Check Data rejected. Click [Edit] button to correct data. (Special Note: Do not upload any additional files until the errors detected have been corrected.)
    • Option 1: Correct the data Online in the Portal. Go to Edit Data, Final Validation, and Click Error Check. All errors for the units (assigned to the user) are shown. Print the Error report, correct the errors online. When all errors have been corrected, Click Process Data on the Edit Data screen; processing of data resumes.
    • Option 2: After printing the Error Report, the user should leave the Portal and using the Error Report make the corrections in the user’s GADS. Then return to the Portal and upload and process the corrected data; repeat Steps 1 through 4 above. (Recommended Method)
  3. If the Data Check was successful (Step 4), then the Portal immediately begins the Analysis. In Analysis the statistical calculations are made for all units (assigned to the user). This process takes approximately 20 ‐ 30 seconds for each unit, e.g., 30 units may take 10 ‐ 15 minutes to complete the Analysis process. When the Analysis has completed successfully; the user will receive the response: Analysis Processing completed. No errors.
  4. When all three phases of Upload & Process are completed with no errors, select Reports and Click STD EFORd Report. The user will be able to Export the report to EXCEL. (Special Note: units that do not provide event data cannot produce this report.)


    GADS Portal On-line tutorial_v.2.0 - NYISO

    Generating Availability Data System (GADS) as Used Under NYISO Rules