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Full Data Migration From Your Current System

We offer full data migration of your GADS data from your current system to the GADS Open Source database tables. We have experience in migrating other commercial software systems, as well as in-house user-developed databases, to the GADS Open Source database tables.  We have expertise in both GADS data and data migration which means we can help ensure data quality by thoroughly testing and validating data working with client plant and IT staff.

Pricing:  Pricing provided upon request.

Migration from Navigant Consulting's MicroGADS Gold™ database tables to the GADS Open Source™ tables ... contact us for a cost estimate.

As a result of two generating companies merging, in 2018 we migrated 222 generating units' GADS and user data from MicroGADS to GADS OS merging the MicroGADS data with the other company's GADS OS database. The total migration time was approximately 15 hours including calculating historical statistics from 1982 to 2018 for the units migrated and support during user transition.

If your own developers/DBAs want to do the migration to the GADS Open Source™ tables and need to discuss the table structures, please feel to contact us at any time ... this is provided at no cost.

Custom Software Development

We offer software development and customized changes to the GADS Open Source™ software source code in the areas of GADS data reporting (including specialized reports, customized calculations, and user-specific definitions) and one-of-a-kind interfaces with data from other computer systems including accounting, plant and systems operations and/or fuel management.

Pricing:  Pricing provided upon request.

If your own developers want to customize the GADS Open Source™ code and need to discuss the changes or to understand how the code works, please feel to contact us at any time ... this is provided at no cost.

Independent Consultants

The Independent Consultants listing is offered as a convenience and for information purposes only, and does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation by the GADS Open Source Project (“Project”).

The Independent Consultants are staffed with professionals who provide a wide variety of services and solutions. Whether you're looking for customized assistance with GADS or Reliability and Cost Performance, you can easily locate a consultant to help with your technology needs.

You contract directly with the consulting company and not with the Project.

The consultants listed on the Consultants page are independent third parties that have worked with Project users, but their services are not affiliated with the Project.

Independent Audit and Review of GADS Data

GADS data is the source for generating unit performance measurements. Key performance indicators (KPIs) can include equivalent availability factor (EAF), equivalent forced outage rate (EFOR), or equivalent demand forced outage rate (EFORd). It is therefore critical that the quality and accuracy of the reporting of the GADS data be independently audited and reviewed to ensure that meaningful KPI results.

Pricing:  Pricing provided upon request.

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