ISO New England GADS Reporting Reminders

by ronfluegge 6. December 2012 11:19

In reviewing their monthly data submittals, the ISO New England noticed inconsistencies in reporting.  They ask that you please keep the following in mind when submitting your monthly data to PowerGADS:

1.       "OMC events will come in two forms: outages or deratings. The OMC event types can be either forced, maintenance or planned but it is expected that the majority will be forced outage events.”  Do not report OMC events as NC or RSFor more details see Appendix K of the NERC GADS Data Reporting Instructions

2.       "If you report both Service Hours and Gross Actual Generation (one to 9999999), GMC or GDC must also be reported. Similarly, if both service hours and a gross capacity value are reported, Gross Actual Generation must also be reported. This provides consistency when calculating performance statistics.”  Page IV-5 of the NERC GADS Data Reporting Instructions

3.       For every Startup Failure (SF) event you report, your Attempted Starts value increases by one. 

a.       Actual Unit Starts + Startup Failure Events = Attempted Unit Starts

b.      Additionally, if you have an unsuccessful start and report it as an attempted start, there needs to be a corresponding Startup Failure event.

4.       If you are getting the following warning “99-The Fuel Code specified in the Performance data is not defined as a primary, secondary or tertiary fuel in unit definition. The code is __”  Please verify that you are using the correct fuel code when submitting your Performance Data.










Bio Mass












Distillate Oil



Petroleum Cake















JP4 or JP5



Sludge Gas





















Other-Gas(CU ft)



Waste Heat








Calpine - Manager, Operations Reporting / Portfolio Analysis - Position Open

by ronfluegge 5. December 2012 15:33

Calpine Corporation is helping meet the needs of an economy that demands more and cleaner sources of electricity. Founded in 1984, Calpine is a major U.S. power company, capable of delivering nearly 28,000 megawatts of clean, cost-effective, reliable and fuel-efficient electricity to customers and communities in 20 states in the U.S. and Canada. The company owns, leases and operates low-carbon, natural gas-fired and renewable geothermal power plants. Using advanced technologies, Calpine generates electricity in a reliable and environmentally responsible manner for the customers and communities it serves.


Manager, Operations Reporting / Portfolio Analysis


Description of Role


  • Lead the preparation of reports on plant performance for internal and external audiences, including regulatory entities and investors:
    • GADS reporting, for both internal and external audiences
    • Fleet reliability reports and root cause analysis
    • Other daily and monthly operations performance reports
  • Support plant characteristics data process to assemble, validate, and present:
    • Calpine’s official plant operating characteristics for use in forecasting and business decision analysis throughout the organization.
    • Analysis of the commercial implications of deviations or improvements in plant performance characteristics
    • Market assumptions regarding competitive plant operating characteristics, technology upgrades, and costs of new construction for use in macro-economic studies
  • Participate in other analytical efforts within the Commercial Analytics organization, including analysis of the implications of plant operating characteristics on market bidding decisions and protocols.
  • Perform analysis of operational and commercial issues, including outage costs and optimization, operational trends, plant dispatch, asset optimization, and investment analysis
  • Support the continued development of:
    • Calpine’s modeling infrastructure including asset and contract models
    • Periodic corporate business plan projections and commercial transaction targets
    • Operations data warehousing and reporting infrastructure
  • Position reports to Director, Portfolio Analysis and will draw on input from Calpine’s Power Operations organization.


Key Activities:


  • Operations Analysis
  • Model Development
  • Budgeting
  • Operations Reporting
  • Asset Optimization
  • Investment Analysis

Relevant Experience:


  • Candidate should offer a subset of the experience and knowledge below:
    • Power plant engineering, particularly in the context of gas-fired facilities
    • Experience utilizing NERC GADS and PI systems and data to report plant performance
    • Experience specifying and using data structures to assemble, track, and distribute plant operating results. 
    • Experience modeling assets similar to those in Calpine’s portfolio, including gas-fired combined cycles and cogeneration plants, geothermal assets, tolling and other contracts, storage facilities, etc.
    • Familiarity with operational data sources, including GADS, volumetric certifications, and PI
    • Knowledge of US gas and electric market fundamentals, including supply and demand, environmental legislation, and regional market structures.
    • Familiar with power plant design and performance metrics.


  • Team player with a “whatever it takes” attitude who is used to diving into an issue, brainstorming solutions, and learning new methods and tools to address.


Preferred Skills:


  • Intermediate level Excel model-building skills
  • Intermediate programming skills with one or more of the following:  VBA, R, SQL
  • Experience with manipulating large amounts of data and working with structured databases (SQL, MDB)
  • Intermediate level presentation and Power Point skills
  • Demonstrated understanding of asset valuation methods (dispatch models, options, swaps, tolls, and PPAs).




Attractive qualifications include bachelors and masters degrees in mathematics, computational science, engineering, finance, economics, or accounting.


For contact information, apply via the following link: 

Manager, Operations Reporting / Portfolio Analysis



Generation Consulting Services, LLC announces its 2012 GADS Data Reporting Workshop

by ronfluegge 10. September 2012 14:55

Generation Consulting Services, LLC announces its 2012 GADS Data Reporting Workshop which will be held October 24-26, 2012 in Denver, Colorado. 

The workshop will cover a number of important topics, including:

  • How to report GADS data correctly to NERC
  • NERC’s webE-GADS reporting system
  • Voluntary wind turbine reporting
  • Unit/component benchmarking
  • Managing optimal unit profits
  • pc-GAR hands-on training

Attached is the Workshop Brochure which provides details about the agenda and who should attend.  

To register, complete the attached Workshop Registration Form and e-mail it to Mike Curley at  Mike will send an electronic invoice which you can pay by Visa or MasterCard, or you can also pay by check. 

Seating is limited, so register now!

Workshop Brochure.pdf (236.10 kb)

Workshop Registration Form.pdf (110.91 kb)

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