NERC GADS Frequently Asked Questions

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Selected FAQs:

1. What are the current requirements for mandatory reporting?

The 2013 mandatory reporting requirements are applicable to generation owners (GO) if they meet the following criteria 1) the generation owner (GO) is listed on the NERC Compliance Registry and 2) the nameplate rating on the unit reporting is 20 MW and above. Smaller size units are encouraged to still report voluntarily as they have in the past.

2. When should I submit my event and performance data?

Data submission requirements follow a quarterly schedule. When a quarter ends, registered entities have a month to submit their data to GADS. For example, Q1 ends on March 31st and all registered entities reporting to GADS have until April 30th to report their event and performance data.

3. Are there any penalties for not complying with the mandatory requirements of data submission?

Mandatory GADS is under Section 1600 of the NERC Rules of Procedure. It is not under a standard or compliance regulation document. This means that we cannot under any circumstances charge a fine for late GADS data. We can only write letters to the company, requesting they report data ASAP. If the company refuses to send us data (not just asking for more time to report but refuses to go by the Rules of Procedure), then we are obligated to turn that information over to FERC for judgement.

4. Are non-conventional sources of energy such as Wind and Solar still considered voluntary reporting?

Variable energy sources such as Wind and Solar were not included in the “Final GADSTF Recommendations Report” for mandatory reporting of conventional energy sources. While we encourage generator owners to report Wind data, it is still strictly on a voluntary basis. Please see the Wind Data Reporting Instructions for additional information. In regards to solar energy, a task force is currently assessing the proper method for data collection and reporting. A separate report outlining the voluntary data reporting instructions will be drafted in the future.

5. Which amplification codes should be used for immediate forced outages (U1)?

If the unit goes from in-service to a U1, then the amp code for the U1 should be T1 (automatic trip), T2 (operator assisted trip) or 84 (unknown).


For the full FAQ: NERC GADS Frequently Asked Questions

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2013 GADS Training Webinar

by ronfluegge 1. August 2013 13:54

The “2013 GADS Training Webinar” has been posted to the NERC website, and it can be viewed at the following location:


This GADS training session is for Generation Owners (GO) and Generator Operators (GOP) to help Data Reporters in submitting GADS data into the webE-GADS application (OATI).

GADS Open Source Project Activity Update

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GADS Open Source Project Activity Statistics

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GADS OS Support Website

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This will be an easy place to keep up on updates and news related to GADS and the GADS Open Source software.

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