GADS OS Application Statistics 2011 - 2017

by ronfluegge 28. December 2017 16:48

The GADS Open Source website statistics for the first 7 years:

Installation Downloads - 13,335

Downloaded Files Bandwidth - 151,619.9 MB

Page views - 279,308

     United States - 225,646

     Canada - 2,524

     Argentina - 76

     Brazil - 325

     Mexico - 62

     Ireland - 42

     Australia - 225

     New Zealand - 21

Unique IP visitor addresses - 56,403

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Are U.S. Federal reporting thresholds adequate to address an interdependent electricity and natural gas grid?

by ronfluegge 14. November 2017 21:16

Gerad Freeman & Jay Apt

35th USAEE/IAEE North America Conference – Houston, TX

November 14, 2017 

What else do we need for a sufficient public assessment?

• We really need consistent reporting standards for pipeline events that would trigger a GADS report -> level the regulatory playing field

• If we base this on 2% of the median gas plant’s net maximum capacity:

• A pipeline failure event that causes an:

• Unanticipated reduction in operational capacity of the pipeline by 25,000 standard cubic feet per hour (scf/h) should be reported by pipelines with firm contracts to fuel plants of nameplate 20 MW or more

• “ “ 900 scf/h should be reported by pipelines with firm contracts to fuel plants of nameplate 20 MW or less

• Representatives from gas and electric generation industries should be consulted

• These data should be collected by a central reliability agency, like NERC, and made available for third-party reliability assessments.

For Details:

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NERC's State of Reliability 2017

by ronfluegge 21. June 2017 08:30

NERC's State of Reliability 2017 report is now available.

The report reviews past performance of the bulk power system, examines the state of system design, planning and operations, and the ongoing efforts by NERC and industry to continually improve system reliability and resiliency.

This independent review of bulk power system is based on analysis of data and metrics, which enables NERC to examine trends, identify potential risks to reliability, establish priorities and develop effective mitigation strategies.


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