Procedure for Establishing New York Control Area Installed Capacity Requirements

by ronfluegge 11. August 2014 23:59

Our GADS Open Source software has been included in the New York State Reliability Council’s Policy No. 5-8 - Procedure for Establishing New York Control Area Installed Capacity Requirements (see attached or go to )

"The multi-state model for each unit is derived from the collection of forced and partial outages that occur over the most recent five-year period using benchmarked GADS Open Source (OS) software as described in Appendix E."

Search the document for “GADS”, but pay specific attention to Appendix E - Development of Generator Transition Rate Matrices for MARS that are Consistent with the EFORd Reliability Index

Beginning on page 33 and continuing on page 34:

“In order to generate the metrics needed to populate the transition rate matrices for the generating units modeled in MARS, the above methodology was coded into the GADS Open Source software package but modified as described above. The GADS Open Source (GADS OS) is the software utilized by the NYISO to analyze generator performance data. It is used to calculate the generator performance indexes used in determining a generator’s UCAP value and, now, for developing the transition rates that are used in the MARS model. GADS OS allows electric generating companies to collect and report validated GADS performance data and event data. GADS OS can be found at this link:

“GADS OS, written by industry veteran Ron Fluegge, consists of two open source applications— GADS OS Data Entry and GADS OS Analysis & Reporting to analyze the GADS data. Besides the use of this software for submittal of GADS data to NERC and the NYISO, the software is also used for submittal of data to the ISO New England, PJM, and the MISO.”

Final POLICY 5-8 approved July 11 2014 v.2.pdf (811.67 kb)

10ª Reunião Ordinária do Grupo de Manutenção de Usinas Térmicas – GTMT da ABRAGE

by ronfluegge 29. August 2005 17:46
7. "Benchmarking" - Solomon
The 2005 lecture was presented by Kenneth Booi and Ronald M. Fluegge of Solomon ( The methodology is being applied to several petrochemical industries and refineries in Brazil. For the electricity sector, the experts at Solomon have meetings with ABRAGE and other existing institutions. The presentation is available on the CD for the event.  
ABRAGE is Brazil's Association of Large Scale Power Generators.
A Associação Brasileira das Empresas Geradoras de Energia Elétrica ABRAGE, instituída em 07 de dezembro de 1998, é uma associação civil, sem fins lucrativos, constituída por grandes empresas geradoras de energia elétrica de origem predominantemente hidráulica que visa a alcançar através de pesquisas, estudos e debates entre seus integrantes, o melhor desenvolvimento das atividades ligadas à geração de energia elétrica. 
Apresentação de palestra: “Sistemas de Benchmarking” - SOLOMON
A palestra foi apresentada pelos Engºs Kenneth O Booi e Ronald M. Fluegge da Solomon ( A metodologia já está sendo aplicada para diversas industrias petroquímicas e refinarias no Brasil. Para o setor elétrico, os especialistas da Solomon marcarão reuniões com a ABRAGE e demais instituições existentes. A apresentação se encontra disponível no CD do evento. 

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