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2021-09-24 FERC, NERC Staff Review 2021 Winter Freeze, Recommend Standards Improvements
2021-07-23 EPRI and NERC Collaborate to Enhance Electric Grid Resilience and Reliability as U.S. Transitions to Cleaner Energy
2021-06-15 Request for Comments
2021-06-14 Microsoft will end Windows 10 support in October 2025
2021-04-20 GADS 2021 Winter Event Reporting
2021-02-08 Siemens Will Cut 7,800 Jobs From Gas and Power
2021-01-16 Scaling out with open source
2020-11-18 2020–2021 Winter Reliability Assessment
2020-11-05 Black & Veatch: No More Coal Construction
2020-10-22 If you are still running Windows 7 ...
2020-09-14 PJM 2020 Summer Capacity Verification Tests are due by September 20
2020-05-11 FERC Approves NERC’s Motion to Defer Implementation of Seven Reliability Standards Due to COVID-19
2020-03-23 Recent Project actions in response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak
2019-11-22 Microsoft Warns Customers of DoppelPaymer Ransomware Threat
2019-11-08 Switching From Web-based GADS Software to GADS Open Source
2019-09-05 FERC, NERC propose to publicly identify utilities violating cybersecurity standards
2019-09-01 How can changing your GADS software solutions improve your bottom line?
2019-07-11 Security Patch Support Ends for SQL Server 2008/R2
2019-06-24 It’s time to move off of SQL Server 2008
2019-06-01 What happens when a software system gets discontinued?
2019-05-09 Have You Been Left Behind By Discontinued or No Longer Supported GADS Software? There Is A Solution
2019-05-03 NERC Announcement: GADS Conventional and Wind Training - June 2019 - Salt Lake City, UT
2019-03-28 Renewables Provided 17.6% of Electricity Generation in the U.S. in 2018
2019-03-13 GADS OS on the Desktop
2019-01-14 Microsoft's Windows 7 has one year of free support left
2019-01-11 January 1, 2019: Mandatory Reporting Begins for Wind Plants with a Total Installed Capacity of 200 MW or Larger
2018-12-12 GADS Wind Turbine Generation Data Reporting
2018-09-25 Natural gas fuel starvation at large power plants in the U.S. and the effect of gas delivery arrangements on reliability
2018-08-04 NERC Training Announcement - GADS Conventional and Wind Training
2018-07-27 A NERC Wind GADS Solution End-to-End
2018-06-12 Microgrid
2018-06-11 Net Neutrality
2018-06-10 "Open Source is one of the most powerful ideas of our generation"
2018-05-01 From Windows 7 to Windows 10
2018-04-30 NERC Generating Availability Data System (GADS) Conventional and Wind Training - 2018
2018-03-27 GADS Reporting for Wind
2018-03-23 Generation from Gas, Coal Fell in 2017 as Renewables Rose
2018-03-12 Data sovereignty
2018-02-06 Windows 7's retirement in 2020
2018-01-05 Bang-bang control
2017-12-28 GADS OS Application Statistics 2011 - 2017
2017-12-15 LDAP Injection
2017-11-14 Are U.S. Federal reporting thresholds adequate to address an interdependent electricity and natural gas grid?
2017-10-09 Manager - Operations Reporting, Houston, TX - Calpine
2017-10-07 A Short History of NERC GADS
2017-08-18 Microsoft Windows Defender
2017-06-21 NERC's State of Reliability 2017
2017-05-19 Net Neutrality (open internet)
2017-04-27 Cybersecurity Insurance
2017-04-12 NERC’s March Newsletter
2017-04-05 firmware
2017-02-23 NERC Generating Availability Data System (GADS) Conventional and Wind Training
2017-02-06 Generating Availability Data System (GADS) 2017 Conventional and Wind Training
2017-02-05 NERC GADS Wind Training - AWEA Conference
2017-02-04 NERC GADS Wind Training - AWEA WINDPOWER 2017 Conference & Exhibition
2017-01-10 NERC GADS Training - Tentative 2017 Dates
2017-01-05 FERC Staff Releases Electric Reliability Primer
2016-12-17 GADS/OS Wind Data Entry / Analysis & Reporting
2016-12-08 Taco Bell programming
2016-11-30 FRCP Rule 41
2016-11-02 Microsoft has stopped selling Windows 7 Professional, Windows 8.1
2016-11-01 Five U.S. Nuclear Plants have Shut Down in Five Years
2016-10-25 Hofstadter's law
2016-10-12 obfuscation
2016-09-06 Bug Bounty Program
2016-08-01 The Threat to America’s Electrical Grid Is Much Bigger Than You Can Possibly Imagine
2016-07-12 RESTful API
2016-06-01 PJM 2016 Summer Capacity Verification
2016-05-31 PJM - Special announcement about planned and maintenance event audits
2016-04-18 GADS Training for Conventional Generators
2016-04-04 GADS Training for Conventional Generators
2016-03-31 32-bit and 64-bit Windows
2016-01-20 Operations Optimization for Power
2016-01-11 Microsoft Ending Support for Windows 8, IE 7-10
2015-11-12 GADS Working Group Conference Call Notes - November 12, 2015
2015-10-21 webE-GADS Step by Step Instructions
2015-10-01 GADS Working Group Conference Call Notes - September 30 - October 1, 2015
2015-09-30 FERC Proposes Requiring Access to NERC Databases - GADS
2015-08-19 GADS Working Group Conference Call Notes - August 19, 2015
2015-08-16 NERC GADS Mandatory Requirements of Data Submission
2015-08-08 Decoding GADS OS Version Numbers
2015-07-02 Supreme Court Strikes Down EPA’s MATS Rule
2015-06-10 GADS Working Group Conference Call Notes - June 10, 2015
2015-06-04 2015 Release Status
2015-06-01 PJM 2015 Summer Capacity Verification
2015-05-20 GADS Working Group Conference Call Notes - May 20, 2015
2015-04-28 Webinar Announcement - GADS Training Sessions
2015-04-24 NERC/OATI webE-GADS Uploads - START OF EVERY YEAR
2015-04-08 GADS Working Group Conference Call Notes - April 8, 2015
2015-03-18 GADS Working Group Meeting Notes - March 17 - 18, 2015
2015-02-12 NYISO Generating Availability Data System (GADS)
2015-02-09 NERC Request for Public Comment on the Addition of Wind Turbine Generation to the Generating Availability Data Systems
2014-12-06 NYISO Generating Availability Data System (GADS) Portal Tutorial
2014-11-26 Thank you GADS OS members, we appreciate you!
2014-11-06 Reliability Measures are Unreliable!
2014-10-26 Why should I be interested in what Bob Richwine has to say?
2014-09-22 Site back up
2014-08-15 Basis of Original GADS ASCII File Layout
2014-08-11 Procedure for Establishing New York Control Area Installed Capacity Requirements
2014-07-08 Support Deadlines for Windows 7
2014-06-10 Announcing the Summer 2014 GADS Training in Bloomington, MN
2014-05-30 PJM ONLY: 2014 Summer Capacity Verification
2014-03-28 Rules and Procedures for Determination of Generating Capability
2014-03-24 NYISO GADS Training on April 22, 2014 from 8:30 AM – 12 Noon
2014-03-20 Web-based HTML Applications
2014-03-02 How to Hack Into a City's Power Grid
2014-02-10 Web Crawler Helped Snowden Find Classified NSA Files in SharePoint
2014-02-05 Generation Consulting Services - Spring 2014 GADS Data Reporting Workshop
2014-01-28 Microsoft Not Backing Down on Windows XP Expiration
2014-01-24 How to Navigate to the NERC GADS Website
2014-01-24 Windows XP reaches final end-of-life on April 8, 2014
2013-10-16 Great Blackout of 2003
2013-10-15 How do I know if I have passed all of the edit checks in webE-GADS after data has been submitted?
2013-10-13 Replacement for pc-GAR
2013-10-13 NERC GADS Data Reporting Instructions
2013-09-19 Google is on the way to quietly becoming an electric utility
2013-08-01 2013 GADS Training Webinar
2013-07-23 GADS Open Source Project Activity Update
2013-07-05 GADS Training Sessions
2013-06-14 What are the current requirements for GADS mandatory reporting?
2013-06-14 Are there any penalties for not complying with the GADS mandatory requirements of data submission?
2013-06-07 Navigant Consulting: The Open Source Community
2013-05-10 Generation Consulting Services announces its Summer 2013 GADS Data Reporting Workshop
2013-03-22 Preparing for the End of Windows XP and Office 2003 Support
2013-03-15 Windows XP Service Pack 3 and Microsoft Office 2003
2013-01-30 Complete your Completion Status before the upcoming FE Due Date on 1/30/2013
2013-01-11 2013 GADS Data to NERC OATI
2013-01-11 PJM: 2013 GADS Data to OATI
2012-12-18 Proposed Criteria for Determining Scope of Section 215 Activities – Request for Comments
2012-12-06 ISO New England GADS Reporting Reminders
2012-09-22 Preparing for Windows XP End of Support
2012-09-10 Generation Consulting Services, LLC announces its 2012 GADS Data Reporting Workshop
2012-08-10 Independent Consultants
2012-08-02 What we are working on for the next updates
2012-06-01 NYISO Transition Rate Validation White Paper
2012-02-22 Error says "Loading?"
2012-01-03 SAP Crystal Reports licensing with GADS Open Source
2011-12-12 NERC completed the release of the final GADS changes for 2012.
2011-10-14 Outercurve Foundation by Stephen Walli, CTO and Paula Hunter, President
2011-09-20 Outercurve Foundation announced acceptance of GADS/OS project into DLSI Gallery
2011-09-20 Power plant operating data included in open source software
2011-06-08 NERC Planning Committee approved mandatory GADS for conventional units
2011-05-22 Welcome to the GADS Open Source Project Support Blog
2009-07-01 RELIABILITY REPORTING: Understanding NERC Requirements for Hydro Reliability Reporting
2006-05-31 Solomon Associates' Announces its Newest Subscriber to GADS NxL(TM) - Comision Federal de Electricidad (CFE) of Mexico
2005-08-29 10ª Reunião Ordinária do Grupo de Manutenção de Usinas Térmicas – GTMT da ABRAGE
2005-02-02 Ronald Fluegge Joins Solomon Associates Power Practice Industry Veteran to Lead Software Development Team

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2017-10-09 Manager - Operations Reporting, Houston, TX - Calpine
2012-12-05 Calpine - Manager, Operations Reporting / Portfolio Analysis - Position Open

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2020-04-29 Pandemic Cause Code Effective April 29, 2020
2019-08-01 What should you look for when transitioning GADS software solutions?
2019-07-01 Why is it important to transition early from a discontinued GADS software system?
2019-02-24 GADS OS Software Now Requires .NET Framework 4.6.1 or Higher
2015-08-08 Decoding GADS OS Version Numbers
2014-03-26 NYISO March 2014 SOFTWARE RELEASE NOTIFICATION - March 26, 2014
2013-01-30 OATI 2012 GADS Data Validation Deadline Extended
2012-11-06 GADS Open Source Version Posted
2012-09-08 ISO New England GADS Data Uploads Using the Dashboard
2012-09-06 Error Msg: Could not load Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel
2012-08-01 GADS Open Source Version Update
2012-07-02 ISO New England GADS Data Uploads Starting July 1, 2012
2012-03-19 Microsoft Access
2011-12-31 December 16, 2011 GADS Open Source Release
2011-12-23 ISO-NE Changes in GADS Reporting Requirements as of January 1, 2012
2011-12-16 GADS Open Source Version Update
2011-12-14 Event Verbal Descriptions
2011-09-11 GADS Open Source Version Posted
2011-08-11 GADS Open Source Version Posted
2005-10-17 Solomon Launches GADS NxL(TM) Portal at ISO New England

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2016-09-07 99% of business machines have not upgraded to Windows 10, according to study
2015-12-30 Some .NET Framework 4 Versions Losing Product Support Next Month
2013-10-13 NERC GADS Frequently Asked Questions
2013-07-17 Generation Consulting Services announces Fall 2013 GADS Data Reporting Workshop
2013-02-21 Annual GADS Training (NYISO) - Spring 2013
2010-06-01 As change comes to the power generation industry, an engineered approach to reliability is more important than ever


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