GADS Open Source Version Posted

by ronfluegge 11. August 2011 19:50

We have just posted to the websites GADS Open Source Version

This is GADS Open Source Version of the Windows UI that has been updated to address some minor issues such as:
1. increased the maximum allowed capacity from 1200 MW to 1500 MW (approved by NERC),
2. a calc bug when an NC event's GAC/NAC is greater than an overlapping derating event's GAC/NAC when they have the same start date/time,
3. unhandled exception when the Joint ownership net generation is null (missing) when running calcs,
4. Inactive Hours on Performance record not being reset when certain event types were revised, and
5. modified error message text for Amp Code 84 for U1 events.

Unless these items apply to your situation, there is no requirement to install this update.

The full installation and source code can be found at

Updates to specific modules can be found at

Except for bug fixes, the next major release is currently scheduled for November 2011 to follow the NERC updates in October 2011.

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