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by ronfluegge 11. September 2011 17:54

We have just posted to the websites GADS Open Source Version

This is GADS Open Source Version of the Windows UI that has been updated to address changes received from NERC and PJM as recently as September 7th and the issues as listed below:

Data Entry Admin Console 11.9.9
1. Can now create a default location to write out the NERC and ISO ASCII files

Data Entry 11.9.9
1. Some event records were being deleted (Rev X) at random
2. Confirmation of event record deletion on Submit
3. Confirmation when deleting (Rev X) any event
4. Create audit record when events are deleted
5. Cannot enter events before commercial date
6. Changes to Custom Performance data changes color on Submit button
7. SaveCheckRS on Bulk Load tab: fixed culture formatting on date/time
8. Allows Custom Event data to have null values in database
9. Added Browse button to select a folder other than the default when writing ASCII files
Changes required by NERC and PJM
10. Changed D1 validations per NERC – Amp Codes no longer required
11. All U1s must have an Amp Code (PJM only)
12. All transition U1s - any Amp Code or none per NERC
13. No NC event records in GADS ASCII file per NERC

Dashboard 11.9.9
1. Changed individual event record deletion functionality to mark records for deletion
2. Added Delete All Events tab

Analysis 11.9.9
1. Modified Chronological Event Listing to show contribution code 3 event records if selected
2. Added list of selected units to footer for custom unit selections when selecting the “Summary Only” option   
3. Modified code to allow for sorting for Event Details with Cause Code Extensions report
4. Individual Events | Customized Event Records report allows sorting

Unless these items apply to your situation, there is no requirement to install this update. 

If you do install any of the above 4 updates, we recommend a full update of ALL GADS/OS apps.

If you plan on using Microsoft Access for your storing your GADS data, you cannot use Windows XP; however, you can use Windows Vista or Windows 7.  When datasets from Microsoft Access are loaded into SAP Crystal Reports, Crystal Reports generates the unhandled exception that we cannot trap or fix.  This only occurs when running Analysis & Reporting on Windows XP in combination with Access databases.  If you are not able to switch to Windows 7, we recommended using SQL Server 2005 Express or SQL Server 2008 R2 Express (with tools) instead of Microsoft Access (SQL Server Express is free from Microsoft).  We can assist in installing SQL Server Express on your machines if you would like to implement this solution.  Or you can change your machines to Windows 7.

The full installation and source code can be found at

Except for bug fixes, the next major release is currently scheduled for November 2011 to follow the NERC updates in October 2011.


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