Outercurve Foundation announced acceptance of GADS/OS project into DLSI Gallery

by ronfluegge 20. September 2011 16:02

The Outercurve Foundation today announced the acceptance of the GADS open source (GADS/OS) project into the Data, Language and System Interoperability (DLSI) Gallery. (Gallery Sponsor: Microsoft Corporation) 

The GADS/OS project is the fifth project contributed to the gallery. The project was contributed by the GADS Open Source Project, an independent community of power generating plant engineers and software developers. The community’s mission is to promote openness, innovation and opportunity for collecting, analyzing, and reporting plant operating and performance data as required by the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC.)

“With its broad user base, GADS/OS is a significant, proven project used by generating companies to analyze and manage data to comply with mandatory GADS reporting to NERC and the various ISOs,” said Paula Hunter, Executive Director, Outercurve Foundation. “We are fortunate to add the GADS/OS project to the Data, Language and Systems Interoperability Gallery. The GADS/OS project gives electric generating companies the open source tools needed to improve and report on operational performance.”

The Outercurve Foundation has three galleries and 15 projects. Galleries include the ASP.NET Open Source Gallery, the Research Accelerators Gallery and the Data, Language and System Interoperability Gallery.

For more information on the GADS/OS project or the Data, Language and System Interoperability Gallery or the Outercurve Foundation please visit http://www.Outercurve.org .

About The Outercurve Foundation

The Outercurve Foundation is a not-for-profit foundation providing software IP management and project development governance to enable and encourage organizations to develop software collaboratively in open source communities for faster results. The Outercurve Foundation is the only open source foundation that is platform, technology, and license agnostic. For more information about the Outercurve Foundation contact info@Outercurve.org.

About The GADS Open Source Project

GADS Open Source Project’s mission is to promote openness, innovation and opportunity for collecting, analyzing, and reporting NERC GADS data. The project community comprised of a core group of highly experienced plant engineers and software developers with years of experience in reporting GADS for generating companies and in building similar commercial GADS software tools, supports a completely open development process in which anyone can report bugs, request new features, or enhance the software.



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