Event Verbal Descriptions

by ronfluegge 14. December 2011 23:30

Since the 86-character event verbal description is no longer a “required” field (voluntary but strongly recommended), we have been asked if it possible in a future release to add an extra 86 chars (or even 50 chars) on the “Verbal Description (86 characters maximum)” field and have these showing on the reports as well?  This would be in addition to the “expanded verbal description” that already exists and allows up to 4,000 characters.  The expanded verbal description was intended as a separate and complete standalone description of the event … just longer in content.

There is already an option to first enter the expanded verbal description; then the software will take the first 86 characters of the expanded verbal description and put them in the event verbal description field … so in essence doing what is suggested.  But these 86 characters are the same in both fields.

If enough users feel that this is a necessary or recommended change, we will consider adding the change in 2012.

Please let me know your thoughts by reply email at your earliest convenience.  Please respond if you would like such a change and if so, how many characters total?

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