Preparing for Windows XP End of Support

by ronfluegge 22. September 2012 15:09

Support for Windows XP will end on April 8, 2014, which means that migration efforts should be well under way. 
It is Microsoft's priority, as well as ours, to help all of our users stay supported and secure. 
Therefore, we recommend that users running computers with Windows XP take action and update or upgrade their PCs before the end-of-support date. If Windows XP is still being run in your environment and you feel that migration will not be complete by April 8, 2014, or you haven't begun migration yet, Microsoft is eager to help. 
The impact it will have on your environment, the resources that are available to help you get your migration effort under way, and legacy support options should be discussed with your Technical Account Manager or Microsoft Account Representative.



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