Why should I be interested in what Bob Richwine has to say?

by ronfluegge 26. October 2014 17:32

Many of you know Robert R. (Bob) Richwine from his many years of working in the electric power generating industry, first as the chief consulting Reliability Engineer for Southern Company’s regulated and unregulated businesses and since 2002 as an independent reliability management consultant. Others may not know him but whether you know him or not you should take a look at his website to answer a question you should be asking “Why should I be interested in what Bob Richwine has to say?

He has two case studies that you will find interesting and gives you insight on how to get the most from your Generating Availability Data System (GADS) data:

  1. Is Your Power Plant Headed for a HILP? : How to Avoid, Detect and Mitigate High Impact – Low Probability (HILP) Events
  2. Optimizing Economics : Maximizing availability may not optimize plant economics

Click on this link for more details:  http://richwineconsulting.com/

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